Month: May 2014

Gratitude for My Entire Life

Welcome! This blog post is inspired by a book I’m listening to called “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsh. I’ve heard this book referenced many times by my teachers yet never felt a pull to read it. This changed two days ago, and so I’m now listening to the audio version of the book.

I spent last week on vacation. We traveled to the Los Angeles/San Diego area. It was a wonderful trip filled with all kinds of great and awesome experiences. However, all the time I was traveling I was confronted with my negativity. (more…)


Work-life Balance — Topic: Commitment

Welcome! I’ve been working on the content for a seminar on work-life integration I’m going to be putting on in September (location and dates are still being set but if you are interested please send me an email to my email djkester.)

This post is based on some of the content from the section on commitments.
I think of commitment as the state or the circumstance of being obligated or emotionally impelled to provide something to another person or group. The obligation can come in the form of money, time, or materials. In the context of work-life balance it normally comes in the form of an obligation to complete a work item by a certain date. (more…)

Unemployment The Greatest Gift I Ever Didn’t Want

Welcome! A friend of mine is looking for a new job and dealing with the fear of not finding it. This resonated with me and I was inspired to share with you my own experience with unemployment and job hunting.

In 2003 I was laid off from my job.  This was the year I started therapy and no, I don’t think it was any coincidence. Now, many people have been laid off in their lives, and they have, in fact, weathered the storm. I seemed to always know this. But, you see, before this, I had never been laid off or fired before. In fact, I hadn’t been without a job since I was 16 years old. You see, since I was 12 years old, I have worked at various jobs. (more…)

Hitting Bottom – You only have one way to go from here.

Welcome! I’m so glad to be sharing this blog article with you.

This post was inspired by a realization that “hitting bottom” isn’t a problem, but instead is the beginning of a solution. While I have in the past thought of hitting bottom as a bad thing, I’ve never had anything but good stuff come as a result of it. I think it’s time to change my perspective.


What Am I Selling? — This is not an Advertisement :)

Once again DungeonPrompts comes in with a blaster right to my head. This one is the prompt from a couple of weeks ago. The prompt put it bluntly:

“Put in plain and simple words what your agenda is.  What message is it that you’re selling?”

My ego wants to say “I’m not trying to sell anything.” My ego cannot imagine how I can put my reasons for sharing into short, simple words that you all will understand and accept. Well, as Tony Robbins says, “Ask the question and your brain will give you the answer.” No matter how reluctantly my ego would like me to, once asked it can’t be unasked. (more…)