Month: July 2014

Effect and Cause

Welcome! Thanks for coming by to read my blog.

I want to share with you this definition of causality as a place to start. This definition is what I have believed for most of my life.

Causality is the relation between a set of factors (causes) and a phenomenon (the effect).

I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual work about creation, living in the now, relative and absolute truth, perception vs. knowing, salvation, the nature of the mind, and our connection to a spiritual self. The books I’ve been reading/listening to — Conversations With God, The Thousand Names of Joy, The Secrets of the Power Of Intention, A Course in Miracles, and Giant Steps — all seem to be guiding me to a simple truth that gurus have been promoting for thousands of years, the truth that there is only this moment. There is no past or future. The past is a memory contained in my mind and the future is a projection of that same mind from a history it believes is reality. (more…)


Work-Life Balance Seminar Update

Welcome! Today I’m writing about my fears about, and commitment to, my seminar on work-life integration.

I’ve gotten tons of positive feedback on the seminar, I’ve had people mention their interest in it, I’ve had the seminar recommended to several people, and yet I have only one person signed up. (more…)