Month: August 2014

Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness

Welcome! Today is a beautiful day. I hope you are doing very well.

This post was inspired by a post I read by a blogger I’m just starting to follow as well as a bunch of conversations, observations, etc.

The blog I started following is Big Red Carpet Nursing

The post is Robin Williams and Me: The Killer Among Us

I’ve been paying some attention to the conversations going on around me about Robin Williams’ death. As I read some blog posts, like the one above, and listened to friends talk about the death, I got the feeling that Robin Williams’ death was at least in part being perceived as an attack on the hope of recovery. If someone as visible, supported, and talented as Robin can’t win against the disease, who can? It also seemed to be used as a wake-up call that the struggle with depression can strike any one of us, and that healing is needed everywhere.

I started thinking about the death as being an attack on hope. I’ve watched and listened to others dealing with depression and other chronic illnesses express hopelessness around them, and experienced this myself. (more…)


Funks and the Pathway to Healing


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Life Is Healing

Welcome! This post is in response to the second prompt for Season 3 on Seeker’s Dungeon.


We all have different methods of lifting ourselves up when we are feeling down.  Some turn to movies or books, others to food, meditation, conversation, exercise, music or dance.  What is your go to ritual when you need to get out of a funk?  Or do you tend to stew in it until you naturally move on?  Share your healing techniques with us.

When I read the title of the prompt I had a very different image than after I read the text of the prompt. (more…)


Welcome! It has been a while since I last wrote a post. Sorry to be away so long, but things have been stewing around in my head and not really jelling into posts. Ever since my seminar, I’ve been doing a lot of processing next steps for several efforts. I guess I was on a vacation of sorts.

Now with Sreejit returned to India and starting up his prompts again, my vacation has come to an end. 🙂 This post is in response to the first of his prompts.


When I first saw this prompt, I knew I’d like to respond to it. Then I read this blog post from my blogging friend Anawnimiss and I knew exactly what I wanted to write. I wanted to write about another of my transformations.