Month: March 2015

14 Things I know will help transition me from negative to positive thinking in any moment.

Welcome all! I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning. I noted it most prominently when a guy cut in front of us as we pulled off of Highway 99 into downtown. I got angry beyond what felt comfortable to me.

So I am recalling 14 things that I know that help me transition to a positive frame of mind.



Language, Intimacy and Social Norms

Welcome! Today I’m taking a day off of my normal work and enjoying a day of self-care, reflection, and contemplation. It’s like a perfect day for this — sun shining etc…

I started off today with a 1-hour float in salt-infused water at Seattle Float. During these floats I often meditate. During these meditations I often think on questions and see what answers come to me. Normally this takes me to the question, “Who am I?”