Month: April 2015

Working Hard

Welcome! I’ve written more this week than in several months. It has been nice to be inspired to write this week.

This post is from a prompt from my friend Sreejit “Hard work, what does it mean for you?”, which is such a wonderful prompt. The complexity in the two words “hard work” is wonderful. I can apply so many meanings to those two words. This is going take more than just a simple reflection. It’s time for serious analysis. 🙂 (more…)


My Mind’s Eye

Welcome! Thank you for coming by. This article was inspired by some analysis I’ve been doing on the perception vs. reality conversation that seems to stem around spirituality.

As each of you read this post, you’re actually completing a complex mental process to do so. Light is bouncing off of the computer or device you are reading on. Those photons are landing on the back of your eye and generating chemical and electrical signals for your brain. Millions and millions of these are happening. You mind is then capturing all of this data and converting it into a mental image. From that image you are then interpreting the words from the screen into concepts, ideas, and meaning. All of this is happening in such a small amount of time relative to our lives that it seems almost instantaneous. But it’s not. (more…)

RE: How do I use Fear?

Welcome! Life is happening right now. Let us experience it in its full beauty.

Last night I attended a session of a monthly spiritual class. The lesson was about living happily in every moment and realizing that nothing that is happening is not of God.

This article is in response to a blog prompt from DungeonPrompts. You might go there and find it and the blog responses interesting and helpful.

My first reaction to the prompt is that I don’t like Fear and I don’t want to have Fear in my life. This is always a big challenge because I find that the way out of fear is to develop a love of Fear and an understanding of its greater purpose in my life. That is right — I must love Fear. At the same time, fear is the mindkiller. Fear is the little death. Fear blinds me and pushes reality away. Yet fear of fear is fear. 🙂 (more…)